shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Shannon Joy Wazny lives in a city in the middle of Canada where the seasons and nature demand attention. She has become a quiet person who writes. Shannon enjoys reading her poetry online in a virtual world and is grateful to all those who inspire and amuse her. Shannon has been previously published in Shot Glass Journal and The Fib Review.

Shannon Joy Wazny

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The young girl approaches the colorful carousel.
The calliope so loud she longs for silence.
Her dad asks her if she wants a ride, she frowns.

He is baffled by her; he echoes her frown.
He watches her stare at the galloping horses of the carousel.
He does not hear the festive music, just silence.

The baffling child sometimes dances to silence.
He ponders her future and again his face deflates to a faithless frown.
He scoops her up and deposits her on the tallest horse upon the carousel.

The carousel horse remains in silence
and shatters his painted smile to frown.