shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Suzanne Herschell lives in the harbour side community of Eastbourne across from Wellington in New Zealand. She's an artist, curator, selector and judge of national exhibitions and poet with writing published in Meniscus, NZPS - A Fine Line, The Ghazal Page, Shot Glass and others.

Suzanne Herschell

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The Meniscus

shows the slightest quiver
a broken reflection of outside serene
beyond the windowsill toward all
that was solid in the permanent landscape
transposing to a shiver
an echo of a deeper tremor
exploding to prismatic art
cubism and kinetics colliding
separating hills that step through bush
heights a tangle of green
thick with swoop and fear
and seismic wave to littoral
to sea's restive surface silvery
with undercurrents disturbed and byzantine