shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Katie Howes

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Backwards Poem

I'm curious about the incidence of the word rather.
Always something to scratch.
Always something to chant,
can't leave a thing to utter chance.
You, too, have seen what the wing—the wind, has been through.
Analogous to a blink (or a wink)
and the inner workings of the brain.
Nobody, nothing, to blame.
I want an account of all the languages that have a word equivalent to blame.
"Who could blame you?" "In a situation like that?"
"I'm to blame." "Don't admit guilt." "Blame? It's not the same."
The class made a long paper chain, adding the hundredth link
the day I went to the dentist.
"Incidence and Blaming." That'll be the name.