shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Ian Cibula is a product of many childhood moves, an active imagination and Montreal's Concordia University. He currently makes his living playing video games and spends his writing hours trying to engage and capture realities and flights of fancy. His work has previously appeared in Shot Glass Journal and The Fib Review.

Ian Cibula

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The past year has not been kind
(several in your timeline)
Not that you stop to count them.
Reflection on such matters is a human trait
and you, leaned out by design, are all dog.
The grey on your muzzle grows loud,
as do the clouds in your eyes – that coming fog.
We traded the apartment for a split-level.
That was good for your spirits and your limp,
but even so, all too often, I find
myself mixing lavender water and bleach
then running another cycle for the sheets.
What hasn't left you yet is play –
the demands you make day in
and day out. Though when the sun goes down,
you tend to stick close now.