shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


After a life loving words and scribbling poetry lines on pizza boxes and used envelopes, Wendy, finally, got down to writing "in earnest" and recently began submitting poems for publication. In the past year, her work has appeared in The Ontario Poetry Society's Verse Afire Newsletters, Scarlet Thistles Poetry Anthology and The Arborealis Anthology of Canadian Poetry. She has won several awards - including First Prize in the T.O.P.S. Sparkle and Shine Poetry Contest, 2014.

Wendy Bourke

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now that I do not beat them

now that I do not beat them
to move in a preordained direction
they are much more content

and let me be
while they quietly wander,
or skitter round and round,
or reassemble in cozy lulls,
deceptively, serene

though, sooner or later,
now that I do not beat them,
they surrender: bored and sleepy,
and settle, as if upon a wispy cloud
and drift away . . .

to that place
where restless thoughts go . . .
to rest