shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Lucia Cherciu

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The New Owner

The first thing he did after moving into his new house
was take out large clippers and snap off the vines

as if lifting the anchor on a ship. Drained by the long
wait time closing, packing, moving, he had

imagined himself cutting them for months, the ones
twisted around the trellis, the white pergola

on the patio. Some had knotted themselves through
the fence and he almost clipped the wire in his assiduous

zeal. Some had split a crevice into the garage wall.
Tenacity brittle, resolve unabashed, only after

he was done and had pushed the cut off vines
into large trash bags lined on the curb, did he find

the catalogues left by the previous owner: lavish
Concord, Muscadines, Marquis, Neptune, Glenora.