shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Hannah Hackney is currently pursuing a double major in Honors English & Creative Writing and Biochemistry. She works as a journalist, technical writer, and editor in Montreal. Her work, creative and otherwise, investigates the intersection between science and the arts. She has just completed her first chapbook.

Hannah Hackney

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You were seated by the window
with a wooden box of clementines,
the pith and peels in curls collected at your feet.
Your hands were pulling husk
off globe after globe.
Later, I'd pull the wooden box apart
and feed its pieces to the fire,
stir the ashes,
feed the peels in too.
All that's left is the photo,
your face turned toward
the white morning and
your absentminded hands
unsheathing perfect globes.