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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Adeiza is a writer of poetry, prose, and song lyrics. He started writing in high school in the mid-90s. His poems and short stories have featured in both soft and printed copies in Nigeria and abroad. Some of the publications include 'Write for Light: A Collection of True Stories and Poems about Finding Light in the Darkness' by Dean Tucker, among others. As a college student, his poems featured regularly on talk-show, 'Chips and Slices', on state-owned radio KSMC 90.8. Since graduation from college, Adeiza has been a practicing journalist and has worked with major broadcast and print media organizations.

Atureta Adeiza

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About: Female genital mutilation

At this point of life,
There is no room to ponder,
The ritual that is in-between my legs!

The cutting point,
Hurts, stimulating another sad musing,
And the job poorly done,
Is left to bleed, and rest, or live and die.

This is my body...
Strewn on a table cloth.
Somehow, I just died.