J. Zimmerman

Word Count Fibonacci


Canal --
she almost
pushes him over
leaning into those first kisses
tasting of salt, sweat, the deep dark sea.


fill up
this beach café
demanding fresher bread, stronger coffee.
Years ago perhaps we were just as fussy.

Today's News

walnuts, squirrels
skitter along the
fence. I take my failing
neighbor's newspaper to her and the wars roll on.


J. Zimmerman was born in north-west rural Britain, a couple of valleys away from William Wordsworth's home. She wrote her first poem at the age of nine in order to avoid strenuous exercise, and she continues in this practice. Her poetry has been published in North America, Europe, and Australia. She co-founded and edits Poetry at Ariadne's Web (http://www.baymoon.com/~ariadne). She has worked as a surveyor at archeological digs in Britain and Greece, a solid-state physicist, dishwasher, computer-science teacher, software quality assessor, radio host and engineer, falconry apprentice, web designer, software designer, and an English tutor.

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