Molly Kat


too young
or stupid
to know five inches
was pretty small, I was only
fifteen, you are still the worst bed I took my tongue to.
thank god for that small blessing, but
I don't believe in
god any
more than

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Molly Kat is studying Creative Writing at Binghamton University and graduating in May 2010. She has attended SUNY Purchase, WCC, and Cambridge University in England. She has had work published in Ragazine, ETC, Omega Magazine under Howling Dog Press alongside Charles Bukowski, several college journals and newspapers, and has two chapbooks published, the latter under Black Swan Press. She was on the Binghamton University Slam team (which she created upon transferring in 2008) for the past two years. In 2007 she made the Bowery Poetry Club's Intercollegiate Slam Team, was president of the Urban Poets society and ran Westchester Community College's Slam Team. Molly recently competed in the Women of the World Poetry slam in Columbus, Ohio as a storm poet. Also very recently, she became a slam master of the venue she started in Binghamton at a local bar called the Belmar, which is now PSI certified. She also started, publishes, produces, and edits a chapbooks series called Linus that has published poets from around the globe. Molly has shared the stage with Ainsely Burrows, John Survivor Blake, Caits Meissner, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Shanelle Gabriel, Tantra Zawadi, Bonafide Rojas, Erik Words Maldonado, Tara Hardy, Tristan Silverman, and many other talented poets.

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