Jordie Albiston

—o   —mind   —mind   —affected
stuck   —mind the step   —keep your
thoughts to yourself   —we pretend
to admire the spectacle of possibilities
—open-open-close-close we hate how
you act like a little house   —everybody
knows there are twenty-eight versions
of Rodin's god & nobody believes in
you anymore & pondering adds up to
nothing   —you've had your moments
periodic catatonia intermittent lapses &
trance-like ravings you've been lucid at
times cooperation noted the Renaissance
a few revolutions however this wringing
& wrenching of hands & hair must stop

she gets up at midnight to get me off-
guard doesn't turn on the light or let
in some sense & twitch! twitch! she
says through her teeth I just want to
sleep let sleeping dogs lie but she has
this trick she's smarter than me I open
one eye she's already writing me down