Jordie Albiston

—o   —Saturday   —Saturday   —lawn mowing   —
bob-a-job   —six games of footy today   —if you knew
what peace or happiness is   —Sally Sanchez's mum
isn't fussed I wear whatever I want to at home!   —Sally
in red & purple bolero & Salina she's always so happy &
nice & can't you be more like her   —you go up the shops
cos everything's empty it's after twelve-thirty a whole
nother country & sit in the gutter flicking your chewy it
sticks to the elephant's Get With The Strength pink bum

there's no lock on your door & that is an issue & writ-
ing a diary's a sign that you're mad & this gigantic gap
between your front teeth & the way that you walk & you
might be adopted you're definitely adopted we remember
The Hospital dropping you off & these are all issues too