Jordie Albiston

—o   —day   —day   —you are   —pieces
of blossom   —resolving into a perfect air
—there is nothing to bother a morning down
—there is no one & nothing a world can do to
dissolve you   —that thing you have hid in the
distance not possible glides through your eyes
with the neck of the unknown swan   —&
nobody nothing could bother it back inside
that shell & you welcome the hours with what
you are & unfolding slowly this one little wing
your very first words sing through hello world

hello Kelly & hello Kim draw glasses moustaches
all over your faces & hello Fiona hates your guts
the classroom starts to hello close in & your head
won't work & hello the whole world reckons you're
It & everything's loud the words unspell & hello
sun you stupid thing get back behind that cloud