Jordie Albiston

—o   —green   —green   —beginner green   —wave after wave   —when they
swell then spill   —a tide on the tongue tastes always new   —all the way coming
from some sudden place of salty & grown-up knowing   —sweet little breakers
invoke adolescence start plucking at plankton & playing with wrecks & heaving
& heaving their bad briny breasts   —she watches from shore before throwing down
towel & diving pink salmon! into the throes of a green hand-delivered by Timor or
Tasman or one of the forces compelling these oceans combine combine combine

he thinks like me in these teenager seas
two bodies bobbing on top of the globe
bump into instinct begin meeting lips you
can hear the undertow feel the rip take
ankle & wrist & the current is electric it's
drawing you in in one long moment as
beautiful ancient & pure as original sin