Todd Mercer

East of Eden climaxed at the word timshel. It was the last word John Steinbeck had his character Adam Trask speak on his deathbed.

Timshel [Hebrew]—"Thou mayest."

The British Folk band Mumford and Sons have a song by this name.

For years fancy thinkers have battled over whether human beings are capable of Free Will, or whether our lives are largely sculpted by outside forms of Determinism. If you are a college Sophomore, this might be interesting to you. If you are anyone else, the hell with it.

Timshel Triptych

be free
to do right,
and so to do wrong.
It's a wide open universe.
A few redeem themselves after despicable acts.
The jury is out. Contrition's
expensive. You might
or might not.
Your choice—
fate. is a website that will send you monthly photographs if you're a customer of theirs, though neither this writer nor this review stand to make a thin dime from it if you do.

Timshel is an indie pop band from Vaasa, Finland

For sale: 1434 Timshel St. This sprawling Colonial features 4711 sq ft 4 bedroom, 3 baths. If thou wants it and have $421,000, thou mayest have it.